Expo raises $13,794.62 for the CKHA

The Chatham-Kent Home Builders Association has donated $13,796.62 towards the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance’s $1-million Cardiac Monitoring System Campaign.

The system is currently in place and operating in the ICU. The CKHA has been working to pay for the device for over a year.

The Executive Director of the Foundation of CKHA, Michele Grzebien-Huckson, says every dollar counts. “This brings us to over $741,000, so it was a good boost for our campaign and we love working with the home builders.”

All money was raised through the Annual New Home and Reno Expo. We sincerely wish to thank all our Exhibitors and the public for their overwhelming support of our Expo. Look for us fall 2013 at the Healthplex.

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