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The Chatham-Kent Home Builders’ Association has come a long way since its founding in 1959. The CKHBA and its Provincial and Federal parents – The Ontario Home Builders’ Association and The Canadian home Builders’ Association, are professional organizations comprised of builders, renovators, developers, suppliers, subcontractors and supporting financial institutions and professions dedicated to ethical building and business practices. The CKHBA consists of an ever-increasing membership and accounts for the majority of all new homes built in this vibrant area.

Membership in the CKHBA

Membership is voluntary and all applicants are screened by an admissions committee using the Association’s Code of Ethics as criteria for membership. Not all who apply are granted membership.

The Importance of the CKHBA & Renomark to the Home Buying Public

The CKHBA is comprised of professionals dedicated to the highest standards on the industry. When dealing with a CKHBA member your new home or renovation comes with a very important extra – peace of mind! Members of CKHBA believe and affirm that Chatham – Kent area homes should be well designed, well constructed, and well located in attractive communities with educational, recreational, religious and shopping facilities conveniently accessible. Members adhere to the Code of Ethics adopted by the Canadian Home Builders’ Association, which assures you of an ethical relationship with all businesses, home builders and renovators who are members of the Chatham – Kent Home Builders’ Association.

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Chatham-Kent Homebuilders’ Inc.

Mailing Address:
416 St. Clair St., 
PO Box 20023,
Chatham, ON N7L 5K6


Ontario Home Builders (Toronto)

Tel: 1-800-387-0109
Fax: 416-443-9982

Canadian Home Builders’ (Ottawa)

Tel: 1-800-387-2422
Fax: 613-232-8214

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