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November 1, 2013

Make home sprinkler systems mandatory, says fire chief

Windsor Fire and Rescue Chief Bruce Montone wants the city to require the installation of sprinkler systems in all new homes.

At the very least, he says smoke detection systems should be directly connected to the department.

The chief is concerned the city has more fires, causing more injuries and deaths, per capita than anywhere else in the province.

Home builders have been on record opposing the mandatory installation of sprinkler systems in new houses. They say it will increase the purchase price.

Coun. Hilary Payne called sprinklers “overkill.”

“Especially with children around, you never know what they would do to turn on the sprinklers. I don’t know which would be worse the fire or sprinklers,” he said. “Sprinklers make a hell of a mess of a house. My gut reaction is that’s just too much.”

Chief Montone’s proposal is part of the fire department’s five-year-strategic plan.

That plan will be presented to council later this month.

In 2011, Windsor Fire and Rescue services visited 1,345 dwellings, of which 43 per cent did not comply with the current requirements of having working smoke alarms at every level of the home and directly outside sleeping areas.

Last year, former Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs president Tim Beckett told CBC News the OFAC is pushing for is residential sprinklers. He has sprinklers in his house.

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