Membership benefits

Established in 1959, the CKHBA represents more than 50 member companies including builders, developers, renovators, trade contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, financial institutions and a host of allied professionals. In addition, we are affiliated with both the Ontario Home Builders’ Association (OHBA) representing nearly 3,500 members and the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA) which represents more than 6,300 companies.

If you’re in business in the residential construction industry, make it your business to belong to the Chatham – Kent Home Builders’ Association Inc.

Capitalize on the advantage shared by dozens of top companies who understand the unmatched value CKHBA membership provides. Get a professional edge with high consumer profile and bottom line value. There’s no better deal … there’s no better way to do business in today’s market and economy.

1: Membership means A Strong Voice in Government

Few individual companies can make a difference in the system. However, working together, our members have a respected and powerful voice at all levels of government. Successful lobbying initiatives have resulted in a variety of positive legislative, regulatory and policy changes or improvements.

2: Membership means Working from the Inside

Our committees and councils deal directly with the major issues facing your industry, giving you the opportunity to meet regularly with peers and have a real say in your industry’s direction. Work with fellow members to explore emerging trends, gain advance notice of pending legislation, create fresh ideas and find solutions to current challenges.

There is no better forum for networking, building relationships and gaining market intelligence – helping your business thrive.

3: Membership means Enhanced Public Image

Each year we issue news releases and information kits to maintain the CKHBA’s high public profile. Our ongoing media activity generates powerful coverage through print and broadcast media, which enhances the professional image of Association members.

4: Membership means Consumer Confidence

The CKHBA’s high standards and credibility are powerful marketing tools. Our ongoing advertising and publicity campaigns, combined with the regular release of relevant consumer information brochures, urge consumers to look for the CKHBA logo whether they are buying a new home or looking for a contractor. Each year, our office receives hundreds of calls from the public to obtain referrals or verify membership. Consumers derive great comfort from the fact that CKHBA members have a professional outlook and are willing to subscribe to our Code of Ethics.

5: Membership means Staying Current

  • Periodic, up-to-date bulletins on legislation, taxes and other topics that require your prompt attention.
  • Monthly housing figures compiled by government and industry.
  • Our newsletter, highlights Association initiatives and activities, as well as emerging issues and trends.

6: Membership means Savings

We used our combined buying power to negotiate group discounts for our CKHBA members, which can pay for membership dues:

  • Co-op advertising opportunities in the New Homes Month Tabloid, Builders Showcase Ad and the Renovation Month Tabloid
  • Competitive rates on home and automobile insurance
  • Corporate discounts on office supplies and office furniture
  • Discounts on motor fuel, diesel purchases and oil changes
  • Cellular phone air time rates
  • Corporate rates at selected hotels and car rentals

Take advantage of what we have to offer!

Monthly Dinner Meeting’s – The association holds monthly dinner meetings September through June with informative guest speakers addressing us on industry specific issues. The monthly dinner meetings provide a social setting where members can discuss common concerns and share solutions to everyday business problems as well as an opportunity for networking.

Monthly Newsletter – A newsletter is sent to you monthly September through June. The newsletter helps keep you informed about local, provincial and national issues concerning the residential construction industry.

CKHBA Web Page on the Internet – Our web page informs internet surfers about our association, provides them with a listing of our members, and tells them about our major events. We host a large number of visitors to our site. The site also provides links to other sites which will assist the general public in their search about information concerning the residential construction industry.

Membership – When you join the Chatham-Kent Home Builders’ Association you automatically become a professional member of the Ontario Home Builders’ Association and the Canadian Home Builders’ Association.

Parade of Homes – The parade is designed to provide our member builders an opportunity to showcase their new houses to the public.

Social Events – We host an annual golf tournament and an annual Christmas dinner party. Provincial and national conferences and training are available at discounts to members.

We Are The Voice – The Chatham-Kent Home Builders’ Association is the voice of the residential construction industry in Chatham-Kent. We speak to municipalities, government bodies and officials on your behalf regarding issues such as building department fees, licensing, inspection issues, development charges, health and safety, worker’s compensation (WSIB), technical issues, taxes and other challenges facing the residential construction industry.

How We Operate – The affairs of the association are administered by a volunteer Board of Directors made up of members elected by you. The Board of Directors appoints the following committees to assist them in carrying out the affairs on their behalf – Membership: Entertainment; Home Show; Parade of Homes; Technical and Education; Health and Safety WSIB; Renovation Council and Promotion; and Public Relations. Staff support is provided by a part-time executive officer. Your participation is welcomed and appreciated.

Discounts – You can save on everyday business needs through membership discount programs. Discounts are available on cell phone air time plans, employee benefits, business insurance, home and auto insurance, income replacement, fuel, office supplies, car rentals, etc.

Membership makes a difference!